Who am I?

What make me tick?

Solving Problems

I've always loved solving problems. From understanding the mechanics of what makes a punch KO an opponent, through to streamlining a key user process to reduce errors, put a problem in front of me and I will figure out how to solve it.

New Tech

Building websites, understanding programming languages such as SQL & PHP, & most recently working with crypto-currencies.

I believe we have the technology to make our lives better but  we just don't use it correctly & my goal is to make the tech work for us, not against us.

Obstacle Racing & Fitness

In 2010 I picked up my first kettlebell and in 2013 I completed my first Obstacle Course Race.

Since then they have dominated my fitness training and helped me be part of raising thousands for Manx charities in various sporting events.

A few wins


Corporate Account Manager
"passionate about his work"


IT Account Manager
"driven and focused in his work, with a desire to develop into new and more challenging areas"


Account Manager
"Dan is the epitome of drive and dedication. "

Time to hit you with some (approximate!) stats

Websites Launched
Web Articles published
Money raised for charity
Fundraising fitness events
Cups of Bulletproof Coffee drunk

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